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Friday, October 26, 2012

Saudis Bankrolling Israel's Mossad?

A friend, with good sources in the Israeli government, claims that the head of Israel’s Mossad has made several trips to deal with his counterparts in Saudi Arabia—one of the results: an agreement that the Saudis would bankroll the series of assassinations of several of Iran’s top nuclear experts that have occurred over the past couple of years.  The amount involved, my friend claims, was $1 billion dollars. A sum, he says, the Saudis considered cheap for the damage done to Iran’s nuclear program.
At first blush, the tale sounds preposterous. On the other hand. it makes eminent sense. The murky swamp of Middle East politics has nothing to do with the easy slogans and 30 second sound bites of presidential debates.
After all, nowhere more than in the Middle East does the maxim hold true: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And both Israel and the Saudis have always detested Iran’s Shiite fundamentalist leaders. The feeling is mutual. Tehran has long been accused of stirring up trouble among Saudi’s restless Shiites.
Israeli and Saudi leaders particularly fear Iran’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons. Thus, it would only be natural that (along with the U.S.) they would back a coordinated program to at least slow up, if not permanently cripple, Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  
It also makes perfect sense, that, in retaliation for the cyber attacks on their  centrifuges, the Iranians reportedly launched their own cyber attack on a Saudi state-owned target: Saudi Aramco, the world’s most valuable company.  Last August 15th, someone with privileged access to Aramco’s computers was able to unleash a virus that wreaked havoc with the company’s systems. U.S. intelligence experts point their finger at Tehran.
Indeed, a report earlier this year by Tel Aviv University cites Saudi Arabia as the
last hope and defense line for Israel. With most of Israel’s traditional allies in the region sent packing or undermined by the Arab Spring, the Saudis are the Jewish State’s last chance to protect its political interests in the Arab world.


  1. Strange bedfellows.
    But better bed than dead.

  2. All makes sense except the statement that Saudi and Israeli fear stems from Iran's development of nuclear weapons. What is the proof when IAEA and CIA have not reached that conclusion?

  3. as a Muslim, I know the hate between Saudi Arabia and Iran. It made perfect sense to me.
    Saudi Arabia is destroying but everyone thinks its building.

  4. This would explain why Israel turns a blind eye to the Saudi's funding of Hamas and other anti-Israel orgs, and continues implementing Saudi Arabia's "peace" plan, which requires making huge areas of Israel free of Jewish presence.

  5. This blog getting a lot of attention in Saudi Arabia. Appreciate if anyone reading it with knowledge of other Saudi Israeli cooperation would let me know at Thanks

  6. "a friend", "good source" do not make authentic reporting. I would like to believe the news above, but excuse me, I think $1b is too much to be paid for such operations even by Saudis.

    1. Why? The Saudi Royal Family is rumored to have over $4 trillion in Switzerland. A billion dollars is nothing to them.


  8. 'Ashtar Al Iraqiyya: I'll take Barry Lando's "a friend with good sources" any day over what passes for Middle East coverage by today's U.S. networks and news agencies!

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  10. All makes sense except the statement that Saudi and Israeli fear stems from Iran's development of nuclear weapons. What is the proof when IAEA and CIA have not reached that conclusion? Sanita Boyler